DhauliGiri Shanti Stupa..the reminence of Kalingas

I have been to Puri for seven times so many times I have seen all the nearby attractions around. After breakfast we started from Puri by an A.C Swift Dezire. First we went to chandrabhaga Beach and from there we visited the magnificent Konark temple which is nearby. After that we directly came to Dhauli. On Puri road (also known as jagannath road) one can see the Stupa at a point (Dhouli chawk) which is 3 KM on the left, up hill. The road is quiet narrow and only 2 cars can pass side by side and full of hair-pin bends. Previously there were no road for motor vehicles and everybody had to walk throughout. dhouli3.jpgAt the hilly as well as green terrain I can see some of the caves made by the solders of Asoka during the Kaling war. There was an Art & Handi craft village at the left side but it was closed during our visit. Dhauli houses the marvelous Edicts of Ashoka imprinted on a mass of rock, lying beside the road heading towards the hill summit. It was here at Dhauli by the side of Daya River that emperor Ashok laid down the weapons of violence and accepted a life of Ahimsa in the form of Buddhism after the Kalinga war. Dhauli hill is believed to be the battleground of the Kalinga War.dhouli4.jpgThere were 2 lions sitting a one side of the Stupa seems like looking down to the vast land including river, hills and plain ground, looking after the kingdom.IMG_20151016_131034.jpgYou can spot this splendid Peace Pagoda or Shanti Stupa on the hilltop, built in 1972 by the Japan Buddha Sangha and the Kalinga Nippon Buddha Sangha. dhauliThe Peace Pagoda is located on the bank of River Daya. The Daya river is said to have turned red with the blood of the many deceased after the battle, and enabled Ashoka to realize the magnitude of horror associated with war.dhouli1.jpgFrom the parking 2 sets of stairs goes up to the Stupa. The stupa houses four Buddha statues in different forms and other Budhdhist sculptures.






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