Kaffer… The lonely hamlet of Lolegaon

Lolegaon is, a small Lepcha village with a population of about 5000, situated in an extreme end of a Himalayan Ridge, at an altitude of nearly 1675 meters. From Morgan House, Kalimpong we managed a maruti van for this tour. 10857169_848755411813400_6273868659800051867_o.jpgThe journey to Lolegaon was an extra-ordinary experience. The 2 Hrs road trip lengthen to three and a half hour due to the road condition. At some stages there were just trails of stone-chips indication that there was a road sometime and sometime there were no trails at all.1507807_848755511813390_612556805890133815_n.jpgWe crossed several dried waterfalls, pass by landslides and drove through a dense heritage pine forest. But the view was outstanding throughout the journey and of course the silence of the surroundings.10805707_848755541813387_1047189319646998834_n Our first halt was Jhandi Dhara, a sunrise point with a lovely view of the Singalila Range. We had a binocular and we saw the clouded picks of the Singalila Range very closely .10865795_848754901813451_5317684742874562602_o.jpgLolegaon monastery is one of the oldest monastery in this region and situated very near to this point. The road leading to the Lolegaon Heritage Forest just passed by it.10300098_848754588480149_8380643905644113064_n

The age-old forest of towering pine, cypress and oaks with their mossy trunk is an ideal place for watching numerous colorful birds and butterflies and rare orchids during the season. The unique ‘Canopy Walk’ over the century old mossy Oak and Cypress in that Heritage Forest is another thrilling experience.


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