Udayagiri, The Hill of Sunrise

Chandragiri, Konark, Dhauli is down now we were on our way to Udayagiri, our fourth destination of the day tour from Puri. Two hills rise abruptly from the coastal plain, Udayagiri and Khandagiri. From Bhubaneswar, Udayagiri is the hill on the right and access to its 18 caves is provided by a flight of steps. Jain rock-cut shelters, the caves of Udayagiri command a unique position in the filed of history, rock-cut architecture, art and religion. It is believed that most of these caves were carved out as residential blocks for Jain monks during the reign of King Kharavela 2nd century BCE . 

The local names of the existing caves are numbered according to the enumeration of the Archaeological Survey of India. Among them the largest and the most beautiful, Cave no 1, Rani Gumpha or Queen’s Cave, off the main path to the right is double storied. This is an extensively carved cave and elaborately embellished with sculptural friezes.IMG_20151016_135557 - Copy

The other caves includes :


Cave no 2. Chota Hathi Gumpha


Cave no 4, Alakapuri Gumpha

Cave no 5.Jaya-Vijaya Gumpha

Cave no 10.Ganesagumpha

Cave no 11.Jambesvaragumpha
Cave no 12.Bagh Gumpha
Cave no 13.Sarpa Gumpha
 and cave no 14.Hathigumpha.
Hathigumpha (cave 14) and Ganeshagumpha (cave 10) are especially well known due to art treasures of their sculptures and reliefs as well as due to their historical importance.
The Hathigumpha cave (“Elephant Cave”) has the Hathigumpha inscription, written by Raja Kharavela, the king of Kalinga in India, during the 2nd century BCE.
The Hathigumpha inscription consists of seventeen lines incised in deep cut Brahmi letters on the overhanging brow of a natural cavern Hathigumpha in the south side of the Udayagiri hill. It faces the rock edicts of Asoka at Dhauli, situated about six miles away.
After exploring all of them we took a troll to the top. From the top the Khandagiri was clearly visible along with a paranoiac view of the locality. We sat there for a while to enjoy the scenario from above as well as some rest. 

4 thoughts on “Udayagiri, The Hill of Sunrise

    1. thanks for your comment. these caves are merely abundant by the Buddhist and jains just like Ajanta and ellora caves. really fascinating place though not valued by most hindues.


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