The Lonely Nirmaljhar Temple


Nirmaljhar derives its name from two Sanskrit words “nirmala” meaning pure and “jhara” meaning stream. The sacred spring of Nirmaljhar originates from the foothills of Marua hill, a part of the Badaghati Mountains of the eastern Ghats spread into many streams and comes out of the bed-rock and pored the Kundas(water reservoir, in this case square in shape) .


This temple is really very beautiful. The beauty of 1600 century art could be viewed here.


This is mainly a Vishnu temple but you can see Shiva (Nilkantheswar), Parvati, RadhaKrishna, Vimala, Ganesh , Jagannath and Surya, the Sun God.


The Nilakhantheswara temple has beautiful sculptures of Parvati, Kartikeya, Ganesha on its walls.


The beautifully carved works in Snana mandapa, Magara mandapa and Dola mandapa are quite attractive.


The terrace of the temple was accessible through a flight of stairs. We could get a good view of the whole temple compound and the village around.


The temple was constructed in 1676 by Raja Aparajita Sri Balukeswar Mardaraj who was the most popular and strong ruler of the Mardaraj dynasty of Khallikore.


On the Southern side it is about 120 km from the state Capital Bhubaneswar and on the Northern side, it is 60 km from Berhampur.

cc25Nearest railway station is Khallikote (9 KM). From Berhampur to Khallikote, right on the State Highways 7 KM from N.H.-5. It is about 10 KM from Rambha Panthanivas.


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