Dam, It’s Beautiful Salia


Travelling on a road surrounded by dense greenery, irrigation canals and suddenly heavy rain falls from a semi-sunny sky, is a majestic experience of all. We are travelling to Salia dam from Rambha which is a 20 KM drive.


Small villages are piping out of the greenery, people are taking bath in the canals, cattle roaming near the road, even we got some glimpse of wild deer too.


There is a nominal fee to enter the dam premises and as we approached towards the other end of the dam we found the perfect spot of natural scenic beauty.

operating area for the lock-gates

Small hillocks are visible here and there covered with lush greenery, small islands, birds, river banks lined with long grasses and the reservoir full of water reflecting the clean sky, white floating clouds and the green hills on it.


If this is the nature’s aspect of the environment then on the other side of the dam it’s totally dried with the perfect evidence of geology.

irrigation canal

There are some canals coming out from the other side of the dam and flowing downstream.


Although the sun is above us high in the sky, we are not feeling any heat out here. This is a popular picnic spot for the locals but as it is a weekday we are  alone here.  


The Manibhandara reservoir (dam) of Nayagarh Dist aka Hirakud Dam harnesses the water of Mahanadi river and a link canal takes off from here which joins the Salia reservoir of Banapur, Tahsil of Khurda Dist. after travelling 144 KM.


The Salia reservoir and dam is constructed upon the Salia river. The total length of the river is about 30 miles.

dry side of the dam

The dam has been constructed in the catchment area which is about 69,000 acres connecting two hills on both sides and serves as a minor irrigation project. This dam contributes for irrigation and flood protection. 


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