26.9948° N, 88.2854° E @8497.375 feet

It’s been 2 nights 3 days since we are in Darjeeling yet could not get a glimpse of the Kanchenjunga. But yesterday when we were in the cable car (ropeway), we got the first clear look of Kanchenjunga and instantly we planned for Tiger Hill.

Our first glimpse of Kanchenjunga from the Cable Car

It’s 3:30 in the morning and we are ready inside the car. By 4:15 am we reached the observatory point. The road’s condition was really bad. As we started early, our car reached quite near to the observatory point. I bought 4 2nd class tickets for us as they ran out of the 1st class tickets. We directly went to the 1st floor and managed 2 seats for us in the front row near the glass window. It was very cold and people who are outside must be feeling the chill bite of the air. And after that there were a long wait for dawn till around 5:15 am.


When the first light of dawn broke, everybody was amazed by the beauty. Just before the sunrise the sky starts changing its color from black to blue to red finally. The icy peaks turned bright red to orange and suddenly the sun  jumps up behind them and starts its own magic of colors. As the sun rises everybody started taking pictures. some with their fancy cameras others with their mobile phones, some trying selfies , etc. but right then I knew that even the  worlds most fanciest instrument , will not be able the capture the majestic beauty of the great Kanchenjunga, I preferred to witness the whole show by my mortal eyes. I still have that divine view in mind, in my eyes, beyond words and understanding. God exists.


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