An Encounter with Mrs. Morgan

The Morgan House was built by jute baron George Morgan in the early thirties. Mrs. Morgan died in that house soon after her husband’s demise. Sometimes it is said that one can feel her presence inside the hotel rooms at nights or roaming in the gardens. Morgan House is considered to be one of the haunted places of Bengal.

It was around 10 pm and our first night at Morgan House. We took our dinner in the room itself. Mostly in the mountains and hilly areas people sleep very early, so did our hotel. Although the kitchen was open, most of the guests had already eaten and retired to their rooms. It was an absolute silent state except the wind whistling along the leaves of the tall trees around. Sayantan and I were talking softly about our trip when suddenly I heard footsteps. Someone was walking on our ceiling, inside our room, footsteps on the wall of our room, a sudden sweep on the floor, a sharp giggle and a shoe-mark on the wall…

mh7.jpgWe sat silently following the sound and the shoe-mark on the wall gave us chills. Suddenly the bathroom door opened with a bang and the room became extremely cold. Load shedding is quiet common in Kalimpong and I silently prayed to prevent it’s arrival. And then there were a power cut…

mh8.jpgWe sat there motionless for what seemed like eternity, for the lights to come back. By the time electricity returned everything got back to it’s usual silent state. Sayantan got down from the bed and I managed to follow him till the door to explore his curiosity and my freight. A hotel staff rushed passed me to the kitchen. Honestly speaking, I was scared as hell. I stood there stoned for sometime, until we saw him return with a young kid of around 7 years !

mh4On enquiry from the hotel staff, we found that there was another family on the 1st floor having a party in their room and had paid the hotel staff to take care of their child. Since the hotel interior is all wooden work, in the silence of night walking inside the hotel gives the impression of someone walking on your walls and ceiling. 

The mystery of Mrs. Morgan’s spirit was hence solved !!

mh6We came back to our room, laughing on ourselves when we suddenly realized, the shoe mark. None of the above explained the shoe-mark beside the almirah.

mhMy personal theory states that some previous guest might have tried to scare away a lizard or some spider with his shoe, although I did not really find any spider or lizard there…   



4 thoughts on “An Encounter with Mrs. Morgan

  1. If you say Morgan House is haunted then try out Dow Hill in Kurseong on a moonlit night on the road between the two schools of Dow Hill girls school and the Victoria Boys school. I need not say anything further it will kill the suspense.

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