The appealing beauty of Khasada falls


After visiting Chandragiri Monastry we were to go to Panthanivas, Taptapani for lunch. The road was narrow but pitched till the driver takes a right turn and enters a field next to the road. Sitting in the front seat I could see a faint trail of tyre- mark along the vast stretch of field which eventually joined a red soil muddy path. IMAG0425

I was wondering where is the driver taking us and moments later I saw the top of a beautiful red tree hardly 50 feet away from us. I got my camera ready for shoot . I asked the driver to stop the car to which he replied with a smile, “okane e jacchi sir”. 20160402_133814.jpgThe driver had understood my taste. Within 2 minutes we were parked under that beautiful tree. If this was not enough to make my day, there was another creation of God to amaze me… a big rocky plain with a cool waterfall. IMAG0427.jpgExcept a parking in-charge there was nobody but us. He over charged us for parking and vanished. On enquiring the driver said he does not know the name of the waterfalls but few tourists come here and really like it. I took a shot of a ticket counter-like room which had the drawing of the waterfall and something written in Oriya.IMAG0414.jpgIt was noon and the rocky base was very hot but the water was so cold and instantly melted away all the discomfort caused by the scorching sun as we submerged our feet in the flowing water of Khasada falls. Flowing cascade of water gushes out from a wide cliff that captures our eyes and soothes our sole. The appalling beauty in a calm and serene atmosphere carried us away; we lost the track of time and sat on the rocks dipping our feet in water…IMAG0407.jpgKhasada is a small height water fall, where you can stand below the waterfall. Khasada is a village in Mohana Tehsil in Gajpati District of Odisha. The waterfall named after the village Khasada. This waterfall can be viewed all through the year.IMAG0404.jpg


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