Baranti Lake of Purulia


Muradi / Baranti Lake is a small, quiet and scenic place in the vicinity of Ramchandrapur Irrigation Project, not very far from Garpanchkot. A 2 km long irrigation project dam, located between two small hillocks; Muradi Hill and Baranti Hill.


A hamlet of small villages, populated by the Santhal tribe who are known to be peaceful and truthful. The area is surrounded with splash green forest of mainly Sal, Tamal, Sonajhuri, Palas, a big natural lake and few elegant hills. The hills appears  green and dark green during rainy season, slightly grey during winter and dotted with fiery red during the autumn.


The fiery red colour comes from the fully blossomed Palas trees, a source of natural red colour. The stagnant water of the reservoir look like a large, blue-tinted glass mirror reflecting the vast expanse of sky and the green hills be on it. The view of the sunset with the lake on the fore ground is breathtaking.


There were some private hotels / eco-tourism which provides lodging and food near this lake. I guess it would feel like staying near Chilka. This dam was made by the Government to store the natural water and supply it for domestic and agricultural purpose. This hydro-electric power, water reservoir project has been set up on 680 acres of land with the erection of soil dams on the river Baranti based on the pattern of Kansabati project (Mukutmanipur).



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