Hope of Cross Hill


The Cross Hill is located at a point where the view of the facing Himalayan Mountains is magnificent. From here one can get a glimpse of Tibet (now known as The People’s Republic of Chinese) border.


It is a perfect sunset point. The name cross hill came from a “cross” placed by priest Fr. Augustine Desgodins in 1882 on his way to Tibet. In the Tibet Mission a lot of Evangelists lost their lives or never came back from Tibet.


In their memory Fr. Augustine Desgodins erected a cross at a vantage point facing Tibet directly with a hope that someday the evangelists may return. It is considered to have miraculous powers and is a pilgrimage site for the local Christians.


It can be accessed from Pedong by foot or car. Pedong is a small town in Darjeeling district 20 km east of Kalimpong on the way to Lava at an altitude of 1,240 meters (4.071 feet) at 27°09′00″N 88°37′00″E . The town located on a ridge and commands a panoramic view of the Kanchenjunga and the Himalayan Mountains.


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