Ruposhibanglar Mukutmanipur

It’s 2am and I can’t sleep… I have to wake up at 4. God its such a love-hate relation between my sleep and the excitement of catching a train. With an anxious mind I eventually managed to put myself into slumber.
‘You and I in this beautiful world…’ rang my alarm. It’s 4 am. I have to get up, pack our toothbrush and my best buddy boroline (yeah I know). I wake up Sayantan. He is in the loo with tea and newspaper… men!
Our driver called up that he has left and will be there pretty soon. We left home around 5 and it was pretty dark, mostly how it is on cold winter dawn. I am talking November and one needs a pullover in the morning. I felt rather glum on the way to the station. I was worried for Sayantan because he’s just been back from the hospital after his 5th chemo. With the rising sun and the first light I started feeling so much better. As if my energy level were at solar charging mode . The driver dropped us just outside Santragachi railway station and we took a cranky flight of stairs to reach this neat and tiny platform. I couldn’t really find anyone to ask about the train’s whereabouts. And then the announcement-Ruposhibangla is arriving. It was suppose to come on platform 2 so we headed for the foot bridge and waited.
 Luckily our coach landed almost were we were standing and we boarded quickly. And then the nightmare, we had the very last seats! I hate the first and last row of seats, the ones near the doors, the ones near the lavatory and the ones at the direct meeting points of vendors. It sucks.
The train was due to start and here comes our 1st vendor with tea. I really needed one. Then the lean man selling combs and handkerchiefs, followed by singara. Who eats singara at 6:15am! And then a young boy with a big thaili. He had books, lots of books and he arranged its neatly inside his thaili and few he kept aside. There goes the signal and the train started. Now I am feeling really excited, whoo-hoo another holiday. Silently I reminded myself to keep my phone at bay and not to indulge in any office work or take no  calls from patients. This trip will be a complete de-stress. The young chap,  must be around 10, started selling his books. I felt so sad for this lad, probably never been to a school and selling books. Irony of life. Soon I noticed that the young boy had a clear pronunciation and called the writers by their correct names, he was dressed soberly, clean finger nails, oiled and combed hair and mannerism quite elegant. It instantly hit me that he does goes to a school and since today is Sunday he must be helping his father. I felt so happy that moment that I called him. He showed me his goods and said the books were for 100 each. He even admitted that the content of the books were exact same except not from the printer but Xeroxed and bind together. We got ourselves 2 of them- Diary of a young girl (Anna Frank) and Dr. Sigmund Freud. We started reading our copies immediately.
“Interpretation of dream”- I have always been fascinated by my own and now I have a chance to know how much I am right about my own experiences.  Rest of the journey was rather boring with the usual environ- mothers chasing their kids, men talking loudly over phones , a young couple fighting etc. Sayantan slept for some time but I guess I was the one snoring away.  Occasionally I opened my eyes, taking a view of the majestic nature outside and the dozing off again. Sayantan woke me up at around 10 as we  approached  Bakura. I tidied my hair and started towards the door. The platform was quite empty and we exited via a flight of stairs. There are many cab drivers standing by the stairs inviting passengers to board their taxis. We got on one for 800 bucks from Bakura to Mukutmanipur. The fresh air, smell of the greenery, color of the soil completely mesmerized me. I looked at Sayantan and the serenity on his face gave me so much pleasure. God I love this man! Travelling is such a therapy and for him its Elixir. Am so content we managed to pull this off….
The official trip starts now and one can know all about it at

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