Tajpur bites – A Guideline

Tajpur is still the most unexplored “virgin beach” around Kolkata. This beach town of West Bengal is located precisely between Mandarmoni and Shankarpur( east of Digha).  The main attraction of Tajpur is it’s fantastic sea beach with a dense forest of casuarina trees, this sea shore destination truly offers great visual pleasure. The sea beach of Tajpur has an unusual shape – unlike the most sorted crescent shape Tajpur has an inverted Crescent shape of the beach, which gives an unusual but extraordinary panoramic view of the sea.


The convenient location of Tajpur is the major cause behind the emerging popularity of this sea beach holiday destination. The distance between Kolkata and Tajpur is 187 Kms approximately which takes around 4 hours. By road it is 17 KM from Digha along the Kanthi-Digha Road. Although car is the best option, buses go to Tajpur from Dharamtala/ Esplanade/ Garia (6 No Bus Stand) bus stand of Kolkata frequently from 4 am onwards. An A.C video coach will cost you around 500/-. The route is likely : Kolkata – Kolaghat – Nandakumar – Contai – Chawlkhola – Balisahi – (turn left) – Alampur (turn right) – Tajpur. The most convenient and nearest railway station is Digha. Either you have to go to Digha and book a motor van/cab to Tajpur, or you have to book a motor van/ Tata Magic/ cab. Charge varies from 80/- to 400/-.


There are many options to stay there but the big disadvantage is none of them has a see view room. Most of them are little far from the beach due to the Costal Regulation Act. We stayed at Tajpur Palm Village Resort which was the cloest one from the beach that time and an illegal construction too. Tariff is mostly high over there, a simple A.C room costs us 1320/- on the year 2013. Due to unavailability of raw materials the options of food is less, the cost is high and the taste is just doable. You just cannot stay more than 2 nights and 3 days over there. 






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