Ch 1-The Land of Clouds : Way to the Land of Clouds


It was Zicco’s marriage and we could not resist ourselves to attend this Christion ceremony celebrated at Shillong. We took  R.A.C tickets for Saraighat Exp. on the same day as the other relatives and friends, luckily our tickets got confirmed at the same coach. Our  train departed as per schedule and we reached Guwahati by 09:35 A.M.


We were already in a celebratory mood since the start of the journey but as we started from Guwahati to Shillong, we  lost out speech to the beauty of the nature around.


Cutting thorough the congested Assam Trunk road of Guwahati through Paltan Bazar, our car hit the highway. The road to Shillong is one of the best amongst the Seven Sisters of India- bright sunshine on a cool morning with clear blue sky, surrounded by thick plantations of cinchona on one side and beetle-nut 0n the other side.


One can occasionally find kash-phool plants( Kans grass/ catkins) which is unusual for highlands. This eye- warming scenery continued till we reached Badapani Lake.


After that the traffic got slow and congested from Police Bazar onwards, and a 20 minute drive took us an hour to reach our destination Malki Point, White Orchid Guest House. Its is to be noted the main reason for this congested traffic near Police Bazar is because the residents of Shillong follow the thumb rule of NO-OVERTAKING and no honking unnecessarily. For better or worse, I don’t mind a traffic which is peaceful.



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