Way to Darjeeling and the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute… Darjeeling 1

We reached Darjeeling yesterday. The road from NJP was amazing – through the city, jungles, valleys, crossing rivers and eventually driving uphill. 12.jpgThe trip ended at the Chowk. Motor vehicles’ are prohibited after this till the Mall, so we had to drag our luggage to the Darjeeling Tourist Lodge, which is a 5 mins walk across the Mall, at a prime location. 13.jpg The food was good, especially their famous “Darjeeling Tea” with a clean and spacious dining room overlooking the garden. 15.jpgIf you are lucky you could get a seat towards the garden with soft sunlight on a cold winter morning. We stayed at the Annexe building which had damp rooms, low voltage, nothing-to-see view, but with 24 hrs electricity including geyser. 17.jpgIt is to be noted that none of their rooms have fans, either it’s with A.C or without it. The room service quiet efficient.18.jpgNext morning we came out fresh and marched towards the HMI.  It’s a 3-4 km stretch which we decided to cover on foot. The road endorsed full view of the city. 19.jpgWe took multiple halts to rest and capture the places’ beauty on camera and ultimately reached the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. 20.jpgWe spent a considerable amount of time there admiring the expedition artefacts, that was used to conquer the Kanchenjunga, K2, and Everest.

16.jpg          21

There was a telescope donated by Hitler fantasised me a lot but one cannot touch or take pictures of it as that was prohibited. After spending some time inside the museum we decided to proceed to our next destination the Darjeeling zoo just beside HMI.



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