Ch 5-The Land of Clouds : Road to Mawlynnong

14494722_1225962944092643_8064460241325711738_nWe got up early and prepared ourselves for our exciting journey. It was a planned tour to Mawlynnong but we convinced our driver to cover Dawki as well, in minimal expense.  As soon as we hit the road I remembered the golden words of our driver in LavaLolegaon– ” Do not travel to reach just you destination but enjoy and explore the way through”. His thought was very true and as we proceeded towards our journey those words really made sense.img_1662We were driving on this beautiful road crossed by small hamlets of civilization, wild flowers on the roadside, driving uphill with sharp bents then drive across valleys crossing one hill after another. The sky is rich blue in color with clouds floating around and taking shapes with a bright sun shining upon this vast green territory on the ‘land of the cloud’.img_1676We hired two SUVs for fourteen of us. We planned carefully and boarded the elder generation with one of my brother who is 12 years younger to me to take care of them. Rest of us were almost of the same age group hence the fun started even before the journey.img_1689The excitement of the trip and the beauty of the landscape filled us so much that we almost forget about our breakfast. But things are different with the passengers in the other car and they soon decide to stop at a food joint for a quick breakfast.14517579_1225910980764506_3717395145582874601_nThe restaurant was a decently decorated joint in almost the best location one could manage amongst hills and the vast green landscaped. While the servers prepared our order we utilized the time to explore the surrounding. I tried to capture the beautiful landscape around me and was more than satisfied.14563419_1225961444092793_849763094147473627_nAs we started our journey again we kept coming across a waterfall which appeared like white strips on a hill afar. After some driving we stopped to get a good view of the magnificent waterfall… far away a white stream of water flows from the cliff of a hilltop to the deep valley between us.14523152_1225940940761510_3876432637967241521_nThe view was breathtaking and it tempted me to see one closely and feel its cool crystal clear glory. With every passing turn a new beauty was unveiled of this glanderous land which kept me busy in a trance of beauty. I don’t know what more to expect on reaching Mawlynnong.14572409_1226566470698957_685289035425359315_n.jpgNext our car stopped upon an old bridge made by army. A stream was flowing beneath the bridge exposing a large layer of rock with natural pot holes of various sizes, small steps and few shallow ponds.14523125_1226566650698939_7223081890761950156_nA flights of stairs leads us to that river bed. The water was clean but looked green and mossy and cold. I had experienced such cold waters in Khasada falls and so I did not hesitate, and sat on a rock as the water flowed over my foot.14568067_1228597930495811_2840988550087257070_nIt was a direct replay of the feeling of calmness inside your body and mind…all the worries washing away. The cold water was tempting me to take a bath but as I did not have any spare cloths, I ended up soothing my hands and legs and face in the sparkling water to rejuvenate.14573007_1226569797365291_32037528399248181_nThe other car did not stopped at this fall and were way ahead of us and kept calling our driver repeatedly. Our driver almost pulled us up from that unknown stream and drove us to our destination.



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